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Why Nosework

Nosework Training Kit



Tin case
5 Pouches with our naturally designed scent
3 Instructional Games & Additional Tips

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Why buy the Nosey Nose?

  • NO SETUP REQUIRED! Perfect for beginners. Start immediately after reading our instructions.

  • BURNS ENERGY: Nosework is a great brain game and enriching for dogs

  • REDUCE NEGATIVE BEHAVIORS: Nosework can improve confidence, reduce anxiety, and help build skills for impulse control.

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are a small US based company in Pennsylvania with high-quality customer service. We stand by our product.



Why we created the Nosey Nose

Nosework for dogs is a game changer!

We adopted a puppy brimming with energy who was bored with fetch.  In searching for something fun, we signed up for a nose work class and started doing research.  It all seemed complicated and expensive- most nosework materials were designed for competitions or professional handlers.


We decided to make The Nosey Nose for the everyday family that wants to bond with their dog at home.  This is for the family that comes home from work and just wants to relax but has a dog looking at them and crying with boredom.  


Our nosework training program has everything you need to get started and will entertain your dog even when it is dark and raining outside.  With our product, you can read a few simple instructions and build up to doing fun games with the whole family quickly.


We created efficient instructions through research and experimentation and chose scents that all dogs find fascinating and energizing. 

We believe nosework should be a staple for all dog lovers, just as the walk is. 

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