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Nosework training supplies for dogs

Nosework training is a fun, efficient, and effective way to exercise your dog, both mentally and physically. We believe every dog owner should be doing it, but other products make the process so difficult and time-consuming that most people don’t.

Our product is designed to allow you to begin nosework immediately, right at home! Nothing to set up and you can begin from day 1 after 90 seconds of reading our instructions. We make the process fun using games and give you the ability to use the whole family. It just makes scents! Enjoy

The Nosey Nose Classic

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5 Pouches with our naturally designed scent
3 Instructional Games

1 Additional Info card

1 tin of Scent Refills


Why Nosework for dogs?

Imagine life without the ability to make your own decisions. You would not feel fulfilled or like you had a purpose. It is no wonder dogs misbehave and act restless even with exercise. The Nosey Nose improves your dog’s behavior and quality of life by giving your dog the chance to take the lead.



A human’s primary sense is sight, and we experience the world by deciphering complex shapes and colors. A dog’s primary sense is smell. But we only communicate with them through sight and sound.  Nosework changes this dynamic.

To a dog, sniffing is as natural as seeing is to a human. Imagine only communicating with your dog while wearing a blindfold, but then taking it off and using your vision. Wouldn’t you be happier and have a better relationship!?


Reduce Problem Behaviors

Nosework is used to enrich the lives of dogs in animal shelters. 

Many problem behaviors are the result of a lack of confidence, boredom, and anxiety. The Nosey Nose addresses all of these issues. 


The saying 'work like a dog' is accurate because dogs love to have a job! Nosework employs your dog with a sense of purpose, instilling confidence and redirecting energy in a positive, fun way.


Our games are interactive and fun for the family. Your dog will love being the star of the show. This is their opportunity to help you solve a puzzle. You’ll have a blast hiding our scents in your home or outside and watching your dog follow their nose to them.

We know you are busy and don’t have hours to understand nose work and train your dog. Unlike other products that make nose work complicated, our games need minimal setup.  You can start right away and each session is only 5-10 minutes. Dogs love sniffing and will quickly catch on and enjoy the challenge.  It’s easier than training your dog to sit!


What supplies are needed to teach my dog nosework?

The Nosey Nose contains everything you need. Included is a complete training program using five pouches naturally scented with anise, which is known to energize and fascinate dogs. It is the dog's version of catnip!

How many people are needed to play?

The training games can be done by just one person or the entire family! The games outline an exploratory mission that make it easy for your kids and dog to go on an adventure and find the lost treasure.

Does my dog need training to learn nosework?

How long does the scent last?

This can vary based on your dogs ability, use and how the pouches are stored. The product is made to have a strong scent at first for teaching and fade over time. This fading makes it more challenging as your dog advances in skill. We can usually still smell the pouches after 2 months of regular use and if we can smell the scent, the dogs certainly can! Crunching up the pouches also releases more scent. We suggest going by the dog's ability to find the pouches for when the scent needs to be replaced. Each starter kit includes a scent refill which allows for refreshing the pouches 2-3 times.

No background training required! Nosework training with the Nosey Nose actually makes training your dog for other things much easier. And it's a simple process where your dog will catch up in the first few sessions. Dogs love to use their nose, and will get excited when they realize you are asking them to! Our Nosework games can be played right at home, or on the go.

Why we created the Nosey Nose

Nosework for dogs is a game changer!

We adopted a puppy brimming with energy who was bored with fetch.  In searching for something fun, we signed up for a nose work class and started doing research.  It all seemed complicated and expensive- most nosework materials were designed for competitions or professional handlers.


We decided to make The Nosey Nose for the everyday family that wants to bond with their dog at home.  This is for the family that comes home from work and just wants to relax but has a dog looking at them and crying with boredom.  


Our nosework training program has everything you need to get started and will entertain your dog even when it is dark and raining outside.  With our product, you can read a few simple instructions and build up to doing fun games with the whole family quickly.


We created efficient instructions through research and experimentation and chose scents that all dogs find fascinating and energizing.  Our scents are much simpler and last longer than the q-tip, essential oil, and tin cans typically recommended.


We believe you and your dog will fall in love with nosework after seeing how well your dog responds to it and see why we believe that nosework should be a staple for all dog lovers, just as the walk is. 


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